Monday, January 16, 2006

Tokyo Marui M4A1

After reading a reply by Brian about my post on airsoft, I decided to check it out. I've been reading a bunch and have to say that I'm interested in giving it a go. I miss not being able to shoot the real thing. I have to wait until the summers - that is until I move back to the States. Airsoft might be what I'm looking for to get out there and shoot in an entirely different way. If nothing else it'll give me an opportunity to get out and practice my Japanese with the locals.

So I found a 30% off sale at Yamada-denki and picked up a New-style M4A1. I'm already considering upgrading the mechbox for woodland play. I doubt there's much CQB here, but this country continually surprises me. From what I understand, anything over 100m/s is considered unsafe for play, but I'll verify that with my local hobby shop here.

AEG Basics

Descriptions of AEG mechboxes

Upgrading the mechbox (type 2)

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