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Springfield Armory XD45ACP

And here are some threads on the newest XD:
The Other Side Forum

The grip is a little beefier than a .40 or 9mm XD, but it was barely noticable. I have small hands, and usually have problems with double-stack .45s. Not so with the XD.

The trigger pull is smoother than a Glock, and this caused some accuracy problems early in the shoot. It seemed like the trigger pull was almost too smooth. It was difficult to consistently tell exactly where the trigger was going to break.

Not many. I would have preferred night sights, but they’re currently unavailable on this model. I also prefer finger grooves on the front of the grip ala newer Glocks, but that would probably bulk-up the grip too much. Biggest complaint is a small one - I found the trigger slightly uncomfortable. I think the problem is the relatively wide trigger safety.

It has a bit more muzzle flip than I expected, bringing it back on target required a longer reset time. Also, the gun gets noticeably lighter as the massive 13 round mag empties.

The High Road Forum

Took it to the range and put it through the paces. Nice shooting, very comfortable. I tend to prefer 1911's, but I can shot this one just as well. My only complaint is I'd like to be able to reduce the trigger take-up length. I think Springfield's Custom shop will do a "Custom Carry" detail that reduces the trigger pull to 4.5-5.5 lbs and shortens the take-up.

The loader isnt meant to go on the front of the gun.
The holster and mag pouch have accessory rails on them. I'm pretty sure that's where it's supposed to be mounted.

I never shot a 45 auto this lightweight before. Heavy recoil isn't a problem for me... Until now. This thing required me to reposition my grip after every shot.

And I was surprised on how accurate that thing is. The muzzle flip was really not that much different than my G21 atleast I did not notice much. Not one jam ran flawlesly. I am a happy camper glad I bought it.

After putting a magazine in the pistol I hit my first, and only real complaint. I'm a lefty, and the slide release on this pistol is farther "back" than it is on my 1911's. It's not as easy to reach up with my trigger finger and drop the slide.

So, after putting the first 100 rounds through it I have to say that this is the MOST BORING PISTOL I have ever shot!! It goes bang everytime you pull the trigger, it shoots 5 shot groups (freehand at 25 yards) into 2 1/2-3 inches easily. I had 2-3 targets where my first 3 shots were all touching in I'd say a 3/4 inch group and then two flyers that opened it up to 2 - 2 1/2 inches. Now I'm not a great shot, so a pistol that shoots like this for me on a 34 degree day when my hands are a bit cold is amazing. Forums

My XD .45 Tac handles ACP recoil better than any other handgun I've fired. I'm very impressed.

I have a XD 45 ACP service and a Glock 21. Shooting them side by side the XD has less muzzle flip. I don't know if its the lower bore line or the grip angle , but the XD recoils almost straight back.

After getting my own 4" XD .45 I was fortunate enough to be able to compare it side by side with a G21 and G36. After about two boxes through each firearm, it was not long before it became the favorite of the three between my buddy and I. After 500 rounds of UMC and plenty of Wolf, it still kept shooting without a stutter. Forums

It felt just like a XD9 or 40, with just a hair thicker of a grip. Its MUCH better than a G21.

WHAT? Yes they are reliable. I'd bet my life on it!

Mine is on the way back to the wholesaler. Less than 200 rounds and seems to have a broken striker. The loaded chamber indicator was not showing when cocked and when I pulled the slide back to take it down the bbl has slid under the locking lug. I think either I got a lemmon or there is a design flaw.

Got a new M3X on mine - fits perfectly.

not made in the USA
Muzzle centerline is a little high which leads to more recoil snap
trigger reset is way to long
safe action trigger

The Torture Test

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I'm a member on, notice the tac mark between AR and 15. There is a significant difference in the two sites. is an open discussion forum, recently begun, with a number of refugees from AR15, of which I'm also a member tends to be rather restrictive in it's discussion threads and tends to block posts or threads deemed inflammatory or controversial. AR-15 allows members much more latitude in saying what's on the mind of the individuals posting there. Your review intrigued me due to the fact I've used the Springfield .45 in the military and have heard good things about the XD. Which site were you mentioning? I'd like to learn more.


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