Monday, September 17, 2007

Reloading Resources

Reloader's Nest
Reloading, Basic Rules
Reloading FAQ
Reloading Info
Chuck Hawks on Reloading
Reloading Links
Reloading Steps
Where to Start Reloading

Reloading Setup:
  1. Lee "Modern Reloading 2nd Ed.", Lyman 48th Ed. Reloading Handbook
  2. Lyman Turbo 600 Case Tumbler
  3. Lee Primer Pocket Cleaner
  4. Lee Case Trimmer & Lock Stud
  5. Lee 9mm Case Length Guide & Shell Holder
  6. Lee Chamfer Tool
  7. Lee Hand Press Kit
  8. Lee Deluxe Pistol Dies
  9. Lee Powder Funnel
  10. Lee Improved Powder Measure Kit
  11. RCBS 502 Scale
  12. Frankfurt Arsenal 6" Calipers
  13. Frankfurt Arsenal Bullet Holders
Raw materials:
  • Brass
  • Case Lube
  • Primers
  • Powder
  • Bullets

Saturday, September 08, 2007

A look at SIGarms

I took my brother-in-law to a local gun shop yesterday and began shopping around for something he can keep around the house. We actually looked at a few automatics and an 870 Tactical for first-line home defense.

The initial handgun line up was a G21SF, an XD45ACP, and a SA 1911 Operator. He immediately chose the heft of the 1911. I didn't think to show him a SIG until we were just about to leave. He really liked the SIG and I did too. I never held one before and really liked it, even more so than the 1911.

I've chosen Glock for its dependability and cost-effectiveness. My XD45ACP holds more than a P220, but the SIG merits a closer look. There's so much I still don't know about firearms, but that's the fun.

I just hope we can get to the range soon to rent one out and run it through the paces. I'm still going to pick up a G21SF for myself, but I'll be looking closely into the SIG for sure.