Sunday, January 11, 2009

Preparing for the 2009 Flintlock Season

I'm thinking about buying a Thompson Center Firestorm with a SS barrel. I've found one for about $449 NIB. Not a great deal, but not too bad either.

First, I wanted to contact the PA Gaming Commission to make sure that this type of flintlock would be acceptable for use during PA's Hunting Seasons. I was told on the phone that this model would be OK for use during the flintlock season. I didn't want to spend the money only to find out they didn't allow the use of synthetic stocks or something else.

I read a GunWeek Review on the Firestorm and a forum post on HuntingPA about the Firestorm that sounded pretty good and a friend mentioned that he was looking at one of these models as well. I only wish it came with a nice wooden stock and brass accents like the Hawken.

From the research I've done this week, I think I'll go with one. Happy Birthday to me!

UPDATE: I just picked up the Firestorm and it looks great. My wallet isn't so happy about the fact that flintlocks require a whole range of dedicated accessories and cleaning tools, but I think it's cool. It's a modern flintlock, but to me it's still a great tribute.

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