Saturday, January 17, 2009

4-shot Scope Zero

From our friend, Mr. Larry Potterfield at Midway USA

Bore sight the rifle
  1. center the bore of the rifle to the target at 25 yards
  2. adjust the scope starting with the windage screws on the scope base
  3. adjust the adjustment turrets on the scope until the cross hairs are centered on the target
  4. fire one shot at 25 yards to confirm that you're on the paper and near the center of the target
Fine tune the zero
  1. fire your second shot at the target at 100 yards
  2. after the shot, place the cross hairs back on the bulls eye
  3. hold the gun securely in a rest without moving it and windage screws to place the vertical wire over the bullet hole
  4. use the scope's windage and elevation turrets to place the cross hairs directly over the bullet hole
  5. fire the third shot at the bulls eye and your rifle should be perfectly zeroed
  6. fire the fourth shot to confirm

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