Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Christmas Day came early!

Well, it was more of a weekend. This past weekend I purchased a Ruger 10/22, a Bushmaster Modular Carbine, and a Glock-17! I can say how excited I was.

There were a few different 10/22's Parro's had in stock so it took a little while for me to chose which model I wanted. The JZ laminate was a little too "rainbow" for me, though I might have gone with that model if I had known earlier that the laminate stocks came from Vermont. I also bought a couple extra rotary mags to go with it.

I almost immediately chose which AR I wanted. The modular carbine looked great in their catalog, but I wasn't set on the fluting and the skeleton stock. After talking to the guys at Parro's, I was happy to get a model with the fluting and the model I purchased featured the newer six-position collapsible stock rather than the fixed-length skeleton stock. It also has the A2 style birdcage flash supressor rather than a fixed IZZY style since the barrel is a full 16" long. I bought five extra 30 rnd. magazines and a 20 rounder in case I wanted something smaller for some reason.

Getting the Glock after the Bushmaster was almost a boring chore. I'm glad I now have a full-sized tactical pistol that I can mount a weapon light to. I grabbed an extra 17 rnd. mag for that pistol as well.

Now I just need some range time with these new goodies.

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Anonymous said...

No range time yet. In fact, I already packed up my modular carbine and the 10/22 for long-term storage. I'm headed back overseas and won't have another chance until next summer at the earliest. I don't know when I'll be able to break in the barrel of my M4. I'm just happy to have one right now. I'll probably get to shoot the 10/22 earlier. I hope the storage bags from Brownell's will hold up for me.